What is the correct syntax of how a key message created in Vault for Engage slide is mapped to a key message created after a CRM sync?



I cannot figure out correct syntax of how key message created in Vault for Engage slide should be mapped to key message created after sync in CRM.

I'm getting this kind of error:

Foreign key external ID: 349 not found for field VExternal_Id_vod__c in entity Key_Message_vod__c - Failed to upsert 1 records into SF DB, status code: INVALID_FIELD for Record with External Id: 30c33390-b767-4074-843d-04fcc8ccdd0d::347::349

and it comes out reardless of what I put into External ID field in Vault Key message configuration.

The Vault Doc Id displayed in CRM is 349. 

Setting: "30c33390-b767-4074-843d-04fcc8ccdd0d::347::349" or "347::349" doesn't work either...

Can someone help me with that? 

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    Yifan Liu

    This error is because there are no Key Messages in CRM with a Veeva External ID of 349. You'll have to add a key message or edit an existing key message to have a Veeva External ID of 349 so the integration can find a key message to reference.


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