Does CRM have a Case object similar to that of Salesforce?


Salesforce CRM has an object called : CASE so it is a Service Management tool. Salesforce also has the functionality Email-to-Case so each time a customer send a new email (Outlook) then a New Case from the CRM is automatically created. 

Is there the same functionality for Veeva? If so, what is the name of this tool?

Thank you in advance.




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    Nishant Bafna Official comment

    Hi Sandrine, Michael,

    You can send Approved Email from the Salesforce's Case object. A Sent Email record will be created for each email sent.

    For more information on Approved Email - https://www.veeva.com/products/multichannel-crm/approved-email/

    @Sandrine - I see that you are from Shire and not sure if you know but Shire is using Approved Email today, though you might be from a different region where it's not implemented.

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any more questions.


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    Michael Hamel

    Hi Sandrine,

    I don't believe there is a Veeva offered solution to this, you would need to implement this yourself, as you know the Salesforce Platform object wont give you access to the Cae object.

    You could create your own 'case' custom object and then use process builder to route Email --> Case --> Your custom object.


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    Sandrine AK

    @Michael Hamel, yes unfortunately this is what I found out. 

    Thank you for your reply.



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