Is there a way to convert a 15-digit URL unique value to a string in MyInsights?


My Query is, while fetching Account Plan Owner Name through custom API, it retrieves only 15 digit URL unique value not the Name of the Owner. Is there anyway to convert 15 digit URL unique value to actual name. Is it possible in MyInsights?

For Example:
15 digit unique URL value of Account = b0D1H0045211Yf2
Owner Name = Name of the Owner

Kindly help me out from this situation. Thanks in Advance. :)


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    Erta Muca Official comment

    Hi there,

    If you are fetching OwnerId field from Account Plan object, you can pass that value to fetch Name from User object. This should provide the data you're looking for.


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    Cognizant Support

    Hi Erta,

    Happy to see your response. :)

    I'm new to MyInsights Report creation. So if you provide some example, that would be great.

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