Is there a setting to change the size of Buttons and Characters in Windows Offline Version for CRM?


Is there a setting for the windows offline version to increase the size of text and buttons?

There is a recommented screen resolution from Veeva 

  • Minimum screen resolution - 1920 x 1080

BUT if you have a small device (Dell Venue 10,8''), the text, the buttons etc. and everything where you should be able to touch with a finger gets very small.

So is there a setting or a way to increase this in the offline application?

Thank you,





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    Jeff R

    Hi Stephan,

    There is no way to increase the size for the offline product. 

    Users can adjust the 'Text size for apps and other items' setting in the Windows Settings. This is found in the display settings in the control panel, which can be found by searching "make text and other items larger or smaller" in the search bar. This setting can be increased up to 150%.


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