Is Binder reporting using binder sections available in Vault?

I'm creating a report using the report type: Binder Section with Document and Binder.

WIthin the report the grouping can be done on the binder section (root) but there is no possiblity to have an additional grouping on sub-sections. Or even have a variable containing the information about the other binder sub-sections.

Did I missed something when creating a binder or isn't it possible to have this information available?


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    Graham G Official comment

    Hi Michel - unfortunately only root sections in Binder Section reports are exposed for performance reasons. VQL on Binders is currently targeted for 18R2 and may expose more of the structure.

    Regards, Graham

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    Mette Wagner Kristiansen

    Hi Graham

    If I understand correctly - this request is similar to ours.

    We have tried creating reports with Binders and sections and documents in April 2019 - and it is not available - can you update us on which release (19?)  that may now be targeted. 

    Thanks a bunch - Mette

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    Graham G

    Hi Mette - you can create a Binder Section with Document and Binder report today, but only the root sections will be exposed. VQL (our query language) allows users to retrieve the full structure of binders. There is no plan in place currently to support this in reports, but is something we may consider in the future.  


    Regards, Graham

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    Michel Van Nyvel

    Hi Graham,

    We are still interested to have this available. ;-)



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