Is there a way to Version a change control request in Vault Quality Docs?

Is there a way to version an "approved for execution" change control (request) in Quality Docs?

In our current setup, a change request is needed to update an SOP.

It can happen that the business needs to update the approved CR to include additional changes where they need approval for.

If versioning is not possible, is there an alternative?


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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hi Michel,

    A Quality Lead has provided the following advice-
    If the reason is to be able to refer back to an older version like in a document, then there is currently no mechanism to version objects in that way. You’d have to manually copy the object and maintain the original DCC number. I can’t think of any reasonable way to configure it without undermining the standard DCC logic.
    However if it would just be nice to track a minor vs major version number I guess it would be possible to create a version field and build some logic into the lifecycle to up version at the relevant stages. That would also allow changes to be traced back by analyzing the audit trail if necessary. For example if the description field was updated or a document added you could track it down to a version based on when the version was updated period to that change.
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    Krishna Kant Saraswat

    Hi Michael,

    I believe, Change Control, is stored as an object (not a document) in Vault hence there is no way to version them. However, I think you can bring i back to "In Progress" state from "Approved for Execution" using workflow or lifecycle action.

    I'll wait for Veeva to comment on this.

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    Michel Van Nyvel

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Indeed it is more the second case.

    When users have an approved change control and the release that information is missing in the CC, they would like to version it and add the additional information in the CR and resend the new version into approval in order to have everything tracked. I guess that config will need to be done in the CC lifecycle for that.

    Best regards,


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