How to build dashboard of % QC rejections on total approved and total docs in eTMF Vault?

Hi Experts,


I am trying to build  2 dashboards in eTMF Vault for a particular study, the requirement is as below:


1) Find % of total QC rejections on total approved docs for a study

2) Find % of total QC rejection on total number of docs ( including previous versions) for a study.


Can someone please advise?


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    Yvonne Hsieh

    Hi there,

    My suggestion would be to create a Workflow with Document type report first and then build out a dashboard from there. Please see below screenshots for the sample reports & dashboard you can build in Vault.

    If you would like to see the trend over time, you can set up a flash report and have the system run it on a regular basis.

    Hope it helps. Thanks!




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