Enhancement on Dynamic Naming of Documents

Hi Team,
This is a very nice feature. But I see that if the naming parameter is a multiselect parameter, then only the first value is selected.
Can we modify it to all values?


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    Adam McMillan Official comment

    Hey Ananya

    We will take the multi-select suggestion into consideration, but this is a known limitation today (it's the same also for document number, if it contains a field that is multi select).

    The name, however, should definitely not be updating for previous versions (unless of course you are editing a field on those prior versions that is used in the document name format). Can you please confirm this is happening, and the steps you are taking in order to see this issue? Thank you!

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    Ananya Sahoo

    Also I noticed, the name changes for all the versions. This should not happen.

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    Ananya-Kumar Sahoo

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for looking into this.

    I had changed my organization so could not reply to your question on time.

    Let me check if this is still happening.

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