Is it possible to send a Vault Document Template on a workflow to author?

Is there a way in Vault Clinical to send the Document Template on a workflow to author, approve, etc?

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    Adam McMillan Official comment

    Hello! We plan to release a feature in 18R1 (April 2018) that will allow you to do just that!

    Users will be able to now manage templates like any other document in Vault. When a “template document” enters Steady State, Vault creates a Controlled Template using that version of the document 's source file. If that document re-enters Steady State, the controlled template is updated.

    The cool thing is that documents derived from a Controlled Templates maintain a Based On relationship to the template
    document version used by the Controlled Template. You can search for and report on documents created from, and used by, Controlled Templates. You can also create and manage Controlled Templates via Admin and the API. Controlled Templates can co-exist with Basic document templates (with uploaded
    file attachments), which remain available and can also be converted to Controlled Templates.

    Hope this helps!

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