Are there any endpoints to create objects using CRM external API (non JS)?

Are there any CRM API endpoints exposed outside the iRep app that I could hit from an external custom (iOS) app to create objects

Use case A is 
Rep opens iRep and launches custom iOS app via an IOS URL schema (passing in any session ID etc) the custom app then talks directly to CRM API

Use case B is
Rep launches custom iOS app directly and logs in with un/pw the custom app then talks directly to CRM API (theoretically cutting out the iRep app)

Are either of these two options possible?



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    Gabor T Official comment


    The offline Veeva application database cannot be exposed to any 3rd party application. However as the online database and application are based on the Salesforce platform, 3rd party applications may access the Salesforce database and metadata via the standard SFDC APIs:


    Note, that such solutions are not in scope for Veeva so we neither take any responsibility nor provide any support.


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