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Audit Fields on Vault Migration of content from PromoMats to MedComms



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    Jordan Y

    Hi Cody,

    It's typically recommended to have a field within the PromoMats Records: Created by with a value of:  [legacy_system_name] (the old legacy system name). You then can have a requirement to identify where the content came from. In this case, I would still suggest using the field Created by, and have the Value of the field PromoMats Migration. Then, new records would have the actual person's name in the same field. There would never be a question as to the source of the document: PromotMats Migration or the name of the person creating new Vault content.

    An alternate option would be to export the metadata and store it as an attachment. You can speak to your AE/SEM for Managed Services support and additional information about having Veeva do an audit trail export per document and load it during the migration process, although It's not easy to accomplish. In this case, the only legacy fields you really need is Legacy Document ID and a Legacy Notes field, so you can append free text information as needed. Then if you require metadata, audit trails, annotations or otherwise you would need to review how to export and incorporate it into your migration process.




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