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Display a role occupant on the document page in the fields area.




  • Adam McMillan

    Hey Stephen

    This information resides within the Sharing Settings area today. Is the idea here that there are some "highlight" roles that you would like to see information about somewhere higher up in your doc info page? I don't think replicating the information is a good design, so I wonder how else we could make the key sharing settings info more readily available for you. What's the use case here? Thanks!

  • Shire Marketing Services

    Hi Adam.

    Yes, the need is to highlight certain roles.  Actually there is one key role (a custom role for us) that really stands out.  So much so that we created a picklist field with the names of the folks eligible to be in the role.  Talk about replicating information.  I'm sure you could guess that the field and the role often get out of sync, which causes confusion.

    I know where Sharing Settings is and how to get to it because it's part of my job to know everything about Vault.  But in my experience, most users do not grasp the finer details.  And you can train until you're blue in the face, but they forget because they're too busy with their real jobs to remember.  Or they think it's too many clicks to get there.

    Our Product object has a "Business Unit" field that we use to identify the owning Business Unit for each product.  We have a lookup field on our promotional piece doctype that surfaces the Business Unit in the fields area based on the selected Product.  It would be great if we could do a similar thing with roles.


  • Adam McMillan

    Hey Stephen, thank you for the further information.

    Given our planned release of User as an object in 18R1...I wonder if there's something clever you could do here. Assuming the custom role you're after is something to do with the lead person for that Business Unit, you could have that user mentioned on the Business Unit value (and displayed in the hovercard),

    or maybe there's a lead person per Product?

    It's worth exploring the new possibilities that will be available with that new user object (you can even have a doc field point to that object - but again, it wouldn't be "synced" with your sharing settings).


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