Account Plans using Account Hierarchy

We will be moving away from Affiliations and adopting the use of the Account Hierarchy. At the same time, we have implemented the use of Account Plans. Our customer has requested that we add a Call History related list on the Account Plan page. However, they would like to see the list of calls for both the Account assigned to that Account Plan and all of the child Accounts. I was looking at the Many:Many relationship and the use of Junction objects. However, I'm not sure how you would configure what the client is requesting. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you


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    Cindy Chiang Official comment

    Hi Subhabrata Chatterjee,

    One option is to build a MyInsights visualization using the Account Plan Dashboard entry point and create a custom view that would query all of the child Accounts of the Account Plan Account and then find all of the Calls to display.



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    Sean X

    Hi Subhabrata,

    If you are using the standard SFDC page layout for Account Plan, for the Calls related list, it's utilizing Account_Plan_vod__c on Call object. So only the records on which Account_Plan_vod__c is populated are displayed in the relevant Account Plan page.

    This is the description of Account_Plan_vod__c on Call object: Lookup to account plan associated with this call. This field is optional.

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