Can Vault Loader be used to migrate Japanese or East Asian Languages metadata into eTMF?


I have searched many times for documentation that specifically addresses this issue, but I've not been able to find it. My questions are: 


  1. Has anyone successfully used Vault Loader to migrate lots of metadata into eTMF that is in the Japanese language?
  2. Does Vault Loader have any issues with files that have names or paths with Japanese characters?

I'm fairly certain we will need to encode the CSV Input File in the UTF-8 character set, but I'm not sure what other steps we will need to take to ensure success in this area. 


My assumption is that, since a lot of the Veeva Vault documentation is in Japanese, Veeva has a strong customer base in Japan, and there are no problems manually setting metadata values in Japanese, there are probably no issues in this regard.


However, it will be nice to get confirmation from others in the community. 


Thank you and best regards,


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    Kenji Takada
    Hi Jose,
    Your understanding of using the UTF-8 character set is correct.
    I have found in the past that when I used Excel, and even though I specified the UTF-8 character set, Vault still recognized the text as garbled. This seems to occur when I export data from Vault, Excel automatically opens the document with a different character set, causing the text to be garbled.
    So I usually use a CSV software called LibreOffice when creating the CSV for the loader. This allows me to choose the character set when opening and saving the document.
    Another point to note is when dealing with Objects / Object Records within the metadata. When there are Japanese Text in the label, I tend to use the Vault ID for the Object or the Object Record to make sure that they go in. You can find this value by either exporting the Object values, or you can find it in the URL when you have a record opened. (In some cases, I use other fields within the object record to specify the value. For example, if the department has a department number/abbreviation, I use something like "department__v.number__v" and specify the abbreviation instead.
    Kind Regards,
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