Can a password be passed dynamically from a batch file using Command Line Vault Data Loader?

I am trying to call the Command Prompt via the batch file for Command Line data loader to automate my user creation process. I am facing an issue with passing the password as an argument dynamically. Each time command prompt is opened, I am entering the password manually.

Is there any way we can pass the password dynamically?

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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Yeshwanth,

    You are able to authenticate and create users from a single command line in a batch file. You could convert the batch into an exe to protect the password. 

    Here would be an example-

    java -jar VaultDataLoader.jar -username steve@veepharm.com -password p@$$w0Rd -dns https://veepharm.veevavault.com -createusers  -csv user_onboarding.csv 




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