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Is anyone actually using the formatted output templates and for what purpose.

It seems like a lot of work to design it and not sure what benefit this gives ?


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    Chris Boschen Official comment

    Hello Ewa,

    Thanks for reaching out. Formatted Outputs is a very flexible, powerful tool - but with that does come some complexity to set it up for a new use case. We are seeing increasing adoption - especially focused in the Vault Development Cloud applications - across the applications. 

    In general, the feature is primarily focused towards use cases where a document needs to be created from highly inter-related, security-controlled data. Often, such a file also needs to be shared outside of Vault - most commonly in conjunction with some pre-formatted framing or language. Traditionally, organizations would need to link in some sort of Business Intelligence tool and configure it to understand their data and create customized reports from it - which can be very expensive! Formatted Outputs allow many such cases to be solved via configuration within the vault - without having to purchase such a BI platform.

    The concept of inter-mingling your inter-related data in that pre-formatted, controlled structure is important to keep in mind. Very simple reports (like "show me all documents related to a product") don't need to use this engine - Vault's built-in reports will solve that need. A few use cases that are good candidates for Formatted Output templates are:

    • Audit Reports & Responses - Data captured in a vault needs to be collected across several related objects (the audit, related corrective actions, related changes, etc), reformatted into a structured template complete with contextual description of what is being shown in the report, why, and how to use it. Finally, it is intended to be handed to an auditing agency or auditee for reference or consumption.
    • Executive Quality Operational Summary - A point-in-time snapshot of a subset of data captured across a number of different but related Quality Events within the organization is brought into a single PDF, organized by criticality & type, then displayed with some "how to read this information" templated language. This allows a simplified view of the detailed information captured in the vault - without having to change the configuration of the vault, or introduce highly granular & complex personas into the vault to govern a simplified view at the live data.

    Hope this helps get you thinking on what you & your organization may be able to do with Formatted Outputs. Keep in mind that you can always contact your Veeva project teams for more ideas!



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    Ewa Kaczorowska

    thank you so much Chris for this comprehensive response.

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