Optional Tasks with Due dates

Hi All,
I have a workflow with optional tasks, however, when the task are selected, they have due dates. How do I hide the Due Date fields when the tasks are not selected.



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    Jordan Y Official comment

    Hi Gary,

    This can be done by creating Field Dependencies. Using the "Visible" Dependent field behavior, you can render fields to be editable only when the controlling field conditions are met. Otherwise, the field is hidden. A controlling field, document type, or lifecycle state dictates the behavior of dependent fields. For additional information regarding how to create these dependencies please refer to the guidance available within our Help Documentation in the link below:


    Kind regards,


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    Gary Stafford

    Hi All, My users asked about this again.

    Maybe I didn't explain it clearly back in March.

    I created a set of tasks with due dates at the start of a workflow.

    I made the tasks Optional. When I start the workflow, the tasks are indeed optional, however, the due dates are still visible.

    Is there a way to hide the due dates? or default an N/A if the task is not selected.

    If not, a task dependencies feature would be great.

    Regards, Gary 

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