How do I transfer a job from one GCMA user to another?

How do i transfer a job from one GCMA user to another please?

Product responsibility has shifted from em to another colleague.  I therefore want to transfer the GCMA jobs associated with this product to this colleague.  How to transfer is not obvious from anywhere I searched to date.  Please support this request.



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    Arunkumar Shanmugam

    What do you mean by GCMA jobs? Is it Vault Job configuration? From the way you explain it, I think it should be something to do with Security Profiles. Probably you can explain more so that we can understand and suggest.

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    AJ Walsh

    Apologies - yes these are Veeva vault jobs.  For example, I want to transfer GCMA job code pp-rev-irl-0019 & pp-rev-irl-0018 to another colleague.   How do I do this please?


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    Aaron E


    Am I understanding correctly? Those appear to be document numbers. I don't see Jobs other than Operations --> Scheduled Jobs.

    Documents can have user assignments as followed changed using a Library Product filter and Bulk Action.


    Vault Help Documentation: Document Bulk Action Sharing Settings 






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