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Binder - Add "Existing Documents" Enhancement Request




  • Official comment
    Adam McMillan

    Hey Luisa and Ted,

    I fully appreciate this missing part of the UI. It simply wasn't in scope when binders originally came out, and was never prioritized to be added since. It is a small feature, but we have many large features that require a lot of focus to get right in the upcoming 18R2 (August) release. I will make sure this item is in our delighters list though, which we routinely deliver the top small items from.

    Thank you for re-raising the attention on this, and I'm sorry that we can't always get to these small, obvious changes.

  • Ted Trost

    I hate to say it, but this is an obvious omission from the UI.  I also hate to say this, but I put in an enhancement request for this exact missing feature about 2 years ago.  Can we please get this simple feature added, please?

  • Luisa Zanotti

    Thanks both. Looking forward to seeing this small, but intuitive feature be implemented in the future.

  • Adam McMillan

    Hey Ted, and Luisa,

    Following up on this. Today's Add Existing Document modal actually allows you to drag and drop the documents into any section. If we made the basic change of just making the "Add Existing Documents" option within a section's action menu, I feel like this might be a bit odd, since you could subsequently drag the documents into any section (not just the one you launched the modal from), and overall it does not add a lot of value over just simply clicking the Add menu in the top right corner of the Edit Binder screen.

    If we were to implement this at a section level, we'd probably want to use a different modal. Something like when you're adding supporting documents in a document relationship modal?

    Do you think that makes more sense? It'd be more work than making the same "Add Existing Documents" modal available, but as I stated above, I really think there's very little gain here.

  • Adam McMillan

    We may find time to add this for the 20R3 release, just so you know.


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