Sample Limits per Calendar Months

We would like to have Limit of 7 Samples per Account per calendar months. For Sample Limits there is Rolling Period option, which can be set to 1 (month), but this is counting Samples from the first disbursement + 1 Month, not for Calendar Month.

Is there any other possibility of creating Sample Limits per Calendar months without manually creating separate Sample Limit of 7 for each calendar month to the future?




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    Jeff R Official comment

    Hi Radoslav,

    Rolling Period can only be used for multiple months.

    Sample Limit Templates can be setup per Account Type for each month with a Fixed Start-end date. See Using Sample Limit Templates





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    Radoslav Sladek

    Hi Jeff,

    thanks a lot for your comment. This is what I was afraid of, we have 7 sample products and for each it will be needed to create 12 sample limits for each month of the year. If rolling period is set to 1, it should work for one month but from the first sample disbursement, or am I wrong?

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