Audit Trail API - allow increasing the limit

We replicate the Vault document audit trail to a onprem database every morning via use of the Audit trial API.  Currently there is no ability to specify a limit with the API call which results in a limit or 200 records per call.  With over 200k records daily this process is taking longer then it should due to the number of batches needed.

Can you 1) increase the default limit to 1000 or allow the limit to be set via the API.

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    Jonathan Chickneas Official comment

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the feedback. We do let you set the limit in the API, but the max is currently 200. If you add a parameter for &limit=100 it will work, but that doesn't solve your problem. We'll make a change to increase the limit to 1000 so you can iterate through the batches a little easier. Look out for that in a future release.

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