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Can we have a Formula Fields that counts between major versions?




  • Official comment
    Aaron E

    Hello Olivier, 

    Thank you for your question.

    I don't see a way to configure the formula for this currently.

    I'm moving this post to the Product Suggestions Section for consideration by the Product team.



  • Krishna Kant Saraswat

    I vote up for this requirement. We have similar requirements from business that can not be implemented currently due to this restriction.

  • Adam McMillan

    Hello Olivier,

    Could you show me how that would look? If you could please provide a simple example of the report you're trying to use this field in, that would be really helpful. I just want to make sure I'm understanding what you're asking correctly!

  • Graham G

    We block NumTimesInValue() currently for reports that include all versions of a document. This is something we can consider as a product enhancement for the future but here is a possible workaround using lifecycle entry actions in the meantime:

    - create two new number fields, field1 and field2
    - create an entry action for the document state you wish to track that increments field1 every time the document enters that state
    - create a second entry action for the state that indicates steady state which sets field2 equal to field1 and then sets field1 to 0
    - run a report that includes all versions and filter for minor version equal to 0
    - this should show all steady state versions of a document and the number of times the major version passed through the state of interest
    Let me know if you have any thoughts on this approach. It is complicated, but might be able to provide you with the detail you need going forward until we add support directly in reporting.
  • Julie

    Hi Graham, my company desperately has the same need to be able to track specific actions that would occur between major versions.  The first time a document is created and goes to revise and resubmit from the coordinator for example.  We want to track whether the new document passes coordinator review without being returned and to know that it was the first time it went to coordinator review.  When the document is later revised we want to know if it passed the first time it went to coordinator review after 1.0.  We need to compare data like this across all documents and throughout their major versions. The metrics currently tracks through the document lifecycle only and does not look at the major versions discretely which results in that metric changing over time as  the document is revised.  Another example is Revise and Resubmit Count.  A document on version 4.0 may have 7 revise and resubmits but only 2 major versions had to be returned and the other 2 did not.  To determine this we have to comb through the audit trail for each document. Not being able to pull information by version does not allow us to collect meaningful data to compare over time on whether we have improvements in number of times for revise and resubmit, duration of task times, etc.  The need to be able to do this is paramount and trying to capture this manually is extremely difficult and time consuming.

    For my company we cannot create the number fields without validating the configuration change.  Formula fields are the only way to try to customize reports without impacting validation.  Any thoughts on how I can capture the information I am looking for?  Any update on whether this customer need is being addressed?  

  • Graham G

    Thanks for following up Julie, letting us know this is a priority for you and providing detail on your use case. I have added your company to our internal tracker for this feature. We don't have a target yet, but it is under consideration. 

    Best regards, Graham


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