Best Times Report in CRM

An enhancement to the Best_times_vod field on the Address_vod object to be able to export this field via reports in CRM.  The current export of the Best_Times field into CRM is "&m=540,1020" for an HCP who's Best Times in the iPad application are listed as "Monday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm."

The current export format is not usable for reporting purposes.


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    Sherin Varghese Official comment

    Hi Matt & Stefan,

    Thanks for reaching out with this enhancement request.

    So we can better understand the use-case, could you provide more detail (or examples) on what types of reporting would be done based on the Office Best Times field?



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    EVER CRM Admin (Stefan Thaler)

    I fully agree, this would be very helpful!



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    Matt Chandler

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    Matt Chandler

    Something like the attached photo. Where reports could be generated by field reps so they can plan calls to providers based on office availability (Best Times).

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    Cheng Sun

    Hi Sherin,


    I have an Enterprise customer also had similar request, they thought the current way to see Best office time is not very practical, they have to drag the doctor to the doctor,  there is no way they can know which doctors work on Monday morning for example to schedule only those doctors. 

    They requested if possible to have filter by Best office time in My Schedule when schedule visit, or if possible to show it in good format in report. 

    I would like to is there any planning for this request?

    Thanks very much.


    Best Regards



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    Sherin Varghese

    Hi Cheng,

    Thanks for providing that feedback.

    There is no targeted release date at this time, but filtering and displaying Office Best Times information is currently under consideration by the team.



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