Unable to start a workflow from a Bulk Action

I'm unable to start a WF from Bulk action (using Vault owner profile). 

The settings for R&U is enabled but the bulk action page shows no WFs available to start even though we have 2-3 WFs available on each doc. The documents in  bulk action are of same LC and state.


Please help if I missed any checks or steps above.


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    Aaron E Official comment


    Is the R&U Workflow set as a User Action for the Lifecycle State?

    You can check this from the Workflow within the Lifecycle, and set them under the Lifecycle  > > State tab.

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    The state has the WF initiation user action but I just checked that WF I want to start using bulk action is not R&U.

    Is not possible to initiate the standard WFs using bulk action?

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    Aaron E


    This is correct, Currently only R&U workflows can be run through Bulk Actions.



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