Is there a way to Exclude Classifications from a Workflow?


We want to exclude documents from a workflow. In the User Actions of the Lifecycle State, we can build a condition "includes" but there is no operator "does not include". So to exclude 2 classifications we would need include all others. Is there a better way?


Werner Holstein

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    Aaron E Official comment


    You are correct, currently to exclude specific Classifications for a workflow all other Classifications would need allowed.  You could use a combination of Type/Subtype/Classification rules to only need to add classifications and subtypes under the type(s) you want to exclude and types for the others with rules similar to below to exclude Type4, Subtype4, Classification4.


    Rule 1

    If Type Includes  Type1, Type 2, Type3

    Allow Workflow1


    Rule 2

    If Subtype Includes  (Type4) Subtype1, Subtype2, Subtype3

    Allow Workflow1


    Rule 3

    If Classification Includes  (Type4,Subtype4) Classification1, Classification2, Classification3

    Allow Workflow1


    You can also put in a suggestion for exclude conditions in the Vault Product Suggestion Community for consideration by the Product Manager.



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