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Can we add a way to Sort by documents within binders?




  • Sarah Campanozzi

    This is a great suggestion - Samumed would be interested in having this capability as well.

  • Adam McMillan

    We have heard the requirement to sort by:

    • Alphabetical
    • Created Date
    • User specified order (through Edit Binder)

    Are there any other sortings that you think would be useful?

    Whilst this is a request we have heard of, it is not currently on our 12-24 month roadmap. I can see it gaining more traction though, so I'd like to get your feedback.

    Thank you for reaching out!

  • Sarah Campanozzi

    Hi Adam,


    Samumed would like to be able to sort by document state (Approved, In Progress, Obsolete, etc).


    Thank you!


  • Geert Jilesen

    Hi Adam,

    Why not make the Tabular view available for Binders, then the user would have full flexibility with displaying the documents in a binder.
    We proposed this in our periodic meetings with our CSM and Veeva Product manager (VS-2482).
    Unfortunately no plans yet from Veeva to implement this.

    I notice however that there are more clients who would like to have similar functionality.


  • Adam McMillan

    Hey Geert,

    Whilst I completely agree that this is the obvious solution, and would satisfy an array of binder view requests, binders are a lot more complicated than your regular library view. Their architecture allows you to display specific versions of documents, auto-filing, custom section layout, etc., whereas the Library always shows the latest version you can see, in a non-structured view. Due to the extra version security, it would not be possible to provide the tabular view in binders whilst remaining performant.

    This has high visibility within our product team, however. And we understand that this is a problem our customers want solving, so I will continue working with our teams internally on this. Thank you for sharing your interest in us pursuing this concept, and sorry that I don't have a better answer for you right now.

  • Daniel Carrig

    Our Team has requested this enhancement too and would like to sort the documents in a binder by Document Date. 


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