Sunrise UI - Sample Selection Box Resizing

In the Sunrise Evaluation App, when selecting a sample or promotional item within a call, the select box changes size, causing the user to have to change focus to a different area of the screen between steps.  Since the values are displayed before the box changes size, this could potentially cause a user to select the wrong value.


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    Rajinder Kaur Official comment

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for your feedback. The size of Product, Item, Lot # selection boxes remain constant in the Sample selection wizard. Only the quantity selection box size changes. Based on Sample Quantity bound configuration, there are different ways to select a quantity. E.g. picklist or keypad to enter other value other than picklist. To allow toggle between the picklist and keypad, the Quantity selection box size is different from other fields. This keypad design is consistent with other areas of the application.However, I will bring this feedback to our UX team so they can consider as we continue to improve the Veeva CRM user experience.



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    Alankar Pote

    I agree, the box size change causes the Reps to miss the selection and re-do the steps to select the quantity value.

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