CLM:Tracking each pages in one Key Message separately


i would like to propose enhancement request, which is beneficial for pharma organization to track the CLM usage and prepare the content accordingly.

AT the movement Veeva have given privilege to track the CLM usage via key message wise.i.e total duration/reaction can be captured for one PDF(key message).

We cant track page/each slide wise tracking. e.g there is one PDF & it got 3 pages, HCP found page 3 very interesting as he spend more time on page 3. Also on each page Reaction cant be captured, only one reaction can be captured.

It will be beneficial if Veeva can provide this feature in future.


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    Leticia Gutierrez Official comment

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you very much for your comment.

    For those PDFs where it's important to track usage at the slide level, you may split the PDF (one Key Message per Slide) in order to capture time display and allow your users to capture reactions at page level.

    With kind regards



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    Peter Lim

    Thanks for the infor .

    one CLM can have multiple key messages , in case we will split content of each key message,then there will be many multi channel slides we need to to prepare.

    It will make content bit lengthy and difficult to maintain. 

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