Territory Add & Drop Errors after Veeva sync.

Sync issues: After veeva synch, user getting below Territorry Adds & Drops error.



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    Sean X Official comment

    Hello Silpa,

    This is not an error. Territory Adds & Drops – displays the accounts added or removed from the user’s local database within a configurable time frame. The number of days to keep change history is defined by the MSG_HOME_TERR_DELTA_NUM_DAYS_vod Veeva setting. The default value is 7 Records that fall outside the configured range that are purged at the conclusion of a sync session. Green is an add. Red is a dropped. Gray is the activity before the last sync.

    FYI, https://crmhelp.veeva.com/doc/Content/CRM_topics/Mobile_Device_Setup/HomePageConfiguration.htm

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    Silpa Kandukuri

    Hi Sean

    Thank you. 

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