What BI solutions are you using on top of Veeva CRM?

Please share what BI solutions do you use on top of Veeva CRM?


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    EVER CRM Admin (Stefan Thaler)

    Hi Mary, we are using Jedox. They have a SFDC connector and a good ETL tool. It is easy to extract from SF and build some own cubes. BR

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    Mary P

    Thank you, Stefan.  I added a Hyperlink for Jedox.

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    Jan-Marcel Kolbe

    Hey Mary, for quick onetime use analytics or prototyping we are using MS Power BI and/or MS Excels Powerquery which are coming nativly with Office365 and it's easy to use when you're used in working with excel and have some basic knowledge on data-modelling and Mr.Pivot-Table.

    Others are using QlicSense, and we are currently investigating how to move forward and whether one of those BI-tools can meet all our business-needs in one or not.


    Cheers, Jan

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    Mary P

    Thank you, Jan for sharing this information!  Much appreciated as it is good information for Veeva Customers.  Please continue to share your experience using these tools.

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    Janice Fernandes

    Hi All, we are using DOMO. Quiet powerful.. 




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