How to disable Consent Capture in Veeva CRM online?

We have enabled Consent Capture but want it to be available on the iPad only.

We'd like to remove the function from Veeva CRM online.

Is this possible and if so, what are the steps to do this?


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    Sean X

    Hi James,

    Maybe you could try to use a validation rule on Mobile_ID_vod__c, only the record created offline has a value in it.

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    Prithwi Roy

    Hi James,

    The ability to capture consent online can also be removed by removing access to the Consent_Capture_vod Visualforce page for the profile / permission set in question.  When this is done, the user can click on the Consent Capture button online, but an error is thrown, and the user will not be able to change any consent settings.  Removing access to Consent_Capture_vod does not remove the ability to capture consent from the iPad.

    Keep in mind that this is an unsupported configuration, but it will take care of the requirement.

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