How do PromoMats users engage Print Vendors using Veeva?


I was curious how other PromoMats users engage print vendors using Veeva. For example, are there examples of how others leverage Veeva to notify their print vendor that a new 'Approved' material is ready to go to print?  And if yes, do you leverage the system to communicate all the pertinent spec information? I appreciate any feedback on the topic as I attempt to tackle this possibility in my own vault.


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    Mary P

    I moved this to Tips & Tricks community to have customers share their experience.

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    Miguel Ángel Toledano

    Hi Michelle,

    The answer to your question is Yes. The system can be leveraged (i.e. Additional WF) and customized to allow a concrete user roles (i.e. "Print Vendor") to be called, requested or informed, as per your business process need. Adding some additional attributes will complete the set of information to be shared with the print vendor. 

    I hope it helps.


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