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Merge Fields - Merge Attachments or related Documents




  • Jamie Falzon

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I do have some concerns about what the structure of your document would look like once images have been inserted and possibly skewing your document. Also would the expectation be that it would add linked documents as well as attachments? I'd be interested to hear more details on your use case as well as hearing from others that may find this type of feature useful. 

    Thank you,

    Jamie Falzon

  • Peter Stroffolino

    In our scenario the we would be fine with the images being added to a new page of the viewable rendition.

    There would need to be some restrictions on when images would be added - perhaps all attachments that are specific image types or all supporting documents that are specific image types.

    Perhaps for enablement using another field mergeattachmentImages or mergesupportingDocimages

  • Olivier Melis


    I'm more interesting in populating a field with the related documents.  I would like to not link all the related documents, but have the ability to select which ones I want to have populate in my word document.  Images of the documents/attachments, I don't see the value (maybe a link to the doucment could be of value) for us.


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