Veeva CRM Delegated Authentication with Windows AD

Dear all,

is there anybody using delegated Authentication with Windows AD? We would like to implement this for using the VEEVA offline app based on Windows without entering the PW all the time. 

Unfortunatly we can't find any VEEVA customer using this already and even more, we can't find any consultant, who can support us here - especially on the AD side.

Beside that I'm wondering how many VEEVA customers using delegated authentication. It seems that almost no one is haveing this in place...

I would appriciate if someone has some hints for us or is even willing to get in contact with us for a short call. 





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    Jeff R Official comment
    Hi Stefan,
    In order to have SSO with CRM Offline, customers must either use an Identity Provider that supports Salesforce Delegated Authentication (Okta, Ping, OneLogin) or must develop their own Delegated Authentication endpoint to connect to their authentication system.
    If you are looking for implementation assistance, your Account Exec could put you in touch with Veeva Tech Services.
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