Limit certain roles to resolve annotations

As an example - is there a way to “deactivate” Project Owners ability to resolve comments?




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    Jim McGough Official comment

    Hi Robyn,

    There is currently no way to further prevent or restrict tagging on annotations. Only users with "Manage Tags" permission can create, edit and delete tags. But any user with "Annotate" permission can apply and remove tags on any annotation. We kept this fairly open to avoid excessive restrictions on users providing dispensations during reviews. However, you're not the first customer to ask for greater control over this.

    How would you envision this being implemented? Would you like to see the existing Permission Set permission "Manage Tags" become required to edit tags on any annotation? Or would you like to see a new lifecycle state permission for editing tags on annotations?

    - jim  

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    Robyn Tetla

    Hi Jim,

    Agreed. Just asking for more control over who can resolve annotations. In my case we're looking to restrict external/agencies from resolving annotations but retain their permission to create annotations.

    I hope this helps!





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    Mike Adams

    Not to resurrect a zombie thread, but I agree with Robyn. I'd like to limit certain roles' ability to resolve annotations using the "Resolve" button on each annotation.

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    Jim McGough

    We can look into adding this distinct level of control (resolve versus annotate). Thank you for the suggestion!

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