Expected Document List's and the REST API


While EDL's are available in any Vault application, and not only eTMF, the documentation of the REST API functionality for EDL's is specific to eTMF. For instance:

Create a new Expected Document List.
POST /api/{version}/vobjects/study__v/{study_id}/actions/etmfcreateedl

Is that a gap in the documentation, or is the API for EDL's restricted to eTMF? Has anyone had any experience in using it?





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    Yvonne Hsieh Official comment

    Hi Raph,

    Thank you for the feedback. Indeed the action is only available in Clinical Vaults. We are updating the documentation to make it more clear.

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    Raphael Goubet

    Thank you. Are there any plans to make EDL's available with the API in other Vaults?

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    Mary P

    I have moved this post to the new Vault Developer Community

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