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How to determine checked out docs for a specific user?




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    Jordan Y

    Hi Michel, 

    Both options may be possible by running a VQL query similar to the following:

    SELECT id, document_number__v, locked_by__v, locked__v, locked_date__v FROM documents WHERE locked_by__v = '{user ID}'

    The above query should show all checked-out documents for a specific user. To list all documents currently checked out in Vault as a whole, you will just need to remove the WHERE clause from the query beforehand.



  • Chantal R

    Hello Michel,

    There isnt a report to determine whether or not a document is checked out. However, you may check which documents are checked out by reviewing the Document Audit History in the Admin area. You may apply an Event filter for documents that have been checked out and checked in. After exporting this list, you may sort and filter for the documents that have been checked out but do not have a corresponding check in tag. 

    Please let me know if further assistance is required.

    Kind regards,

  • Michel Van Nyvel

    Hi Chantal and Jordan,

    Thank you for the suggestions, this is indeed a first step to verify the checked out documents.

    As access to the admin site is not accessible to our users, it's not a solution. Of course, as business admins we have already this possibility.

    Thank you Jordan for the VQL code, I'll give it a go and I'm sure this will helps us a lot to 'chase' the people and remind them of their locked document(s).

    I would be great if in one of the future releases of Vault a report could be created to have this information and provide the report to our users.


    Best regards,



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