Formatted Output Template for Many to Many Relationship


I am trying to output a many to many relationship in a formatted output template.

I am successfully able to see the 1st record but unable to see subsequent child records.

Wondering if anyone has been able to successfully output all child records in a many to many relationship?




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    Chris Boschen Official comment

    Hello Roy,

    Thanks for reaching out! When you're working on a Formatted Output template in Adobe Livecycle, you'll need to ensure that you have the TableRow entity in the form flagged to Repeat for Multiple Values - otherwise no matter how many things are related to your starting point, you'll only get one result in the Form! These settings can be found in the object palette (generally in the bottom right of the UI) - I believe under 'Binding.' 

    For additional help, you can reach out to your Customer Success, Managed Services or Professional Services team.

    Best Regards,


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    Roy Gazdar

    Thanks Chris,

    That did the trick!

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