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Allow CLM Presentation Grouping on Tile View




  • Official comment
    Yifan Liu

    Thanks for this feedback! For the 18R2 Sunrise release, we have moved the display by grouping to be sortable columns in table view. Based on extensive design consideration and end-user reviews/feedback, we decided re-designing around the new table view would provide users with the greatest flexibility for finding presentations.

    We have heard feedback such as yours to add display by grouping back into tile view, so we are currently evaluating this and determining the best way to achieve this. It is currently on our roadmap and we will target a future release for this functionality.



  • Karen Scarani

    I Agree!

  • Josh Gulstad

    Prior to Sunrise UI, you were able to group by categories, which allowed you to visually separate the presentation thumbnails while still being able to see the larger thumbnails. When there are many presentations, this made it easy for users to find the presentation they were looking for based on category and familiar thumbnail.


    In the Sunruse UI, the tile view does not allow grouping. Instead, the "group by" feature has moved to a sortable column in the table view.


    I think it would be useful and less disruptive to end users if grouping was allowed in the tile view as well.

  • Jean Patrick LaPierre

    I think it's important to bring it back, also I would suggest that you have similar Filter capabilities like you do for Fragments. This way we can apply filters on product , document source types, therapeutic area or whatever Vault Meta data we synch back to CRM. 



  • commsdgemea.maintenance

    Business expects this functionality to be back as previous as it is convenient to end users to filter on presentations. We see this is in road map. Can we also know by when this will be delivered(roughly). 

  • Yifan Liu

    We are currently targeting the 18R3 CRM release to bring this display by grouping functionality back. Function-wise it will be the same as it was in classic app. 


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