Can documents be dragged and dropped from Outlook to import to Vault?


Is it possible to drag and drop documents directly from Outlook to import documents (if you have already selected Upload in Vault)?

If not, could we add this as a feature request?


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    Jordan Y Official comment

    Hi Oliver, 

    Thanks for reaching out to us concerning this. This enhancement request would need to be directed to Microsoft as Outlook email attachments themselves only point to the target document which is typically being held on the email server connected to the account. In order to interact with this document outside of the email it will first need to be downloaded onto the computer, then taken from the computer and uploaded into Vault.

    If the email attachment were automatically downloaded onto the computer and the Outlook attachment link were altered in a way to where it behaved like a Desktop Shortcut, the drag-and-drop feature would be usable between Vault and the target document.



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