Make CRM System fields e.g. CreatedDate available for mapping

Hi Veeva Team

Could you please make CRM System fields like CreatedDate of an Account available for mapping? The benefit for us would be the ability to use it in Assignment Rule criteria and achieve a more accurate selection of accounts per territory as per our needs.

Right now, as this flexibility is not available, there are two workarounds we have, none fully recommended:

1. Map the field manually through the Business Admin tab (Not recommended as per Veeva Support feedback)

2. Create a workflow on the account object which would populate a standard Datetime field with the created date value and map that field to Align. (From purely CRM perspective, not optimal, as it is needed to create a Custom Field, a workflow, and a field update to simply replicate the value of an existing System field.)

In case you need more details, happy to discuss.



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    Dan Kallman Official comment

    Hi Dipayan,

    Thank you for the suggestion. Can you please provide an example of how you'd use an account's CreatedDate to impact alignment or targeting - either on this thread or by emailing me (dan.kallman@veeva.com) so that we can learn more about your use case?



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