182.9.10 Hotfix Planned

Veeva has identified three issues for iPad which will be hot fixed on Aug-15-2018, immediately following the release of 18R2 on Aug-10-2018. 

Legacy Approved Email Opt-in Signature Page - Approved Email Opt-in Disclaimer text does not wrap and displays on a single row on the Opt-In signature page. It is not fully legible to the end user. This is limited to the legacy Email Opt-in Signature page. The Consent Capture module and signature page are not impacted. (CRM-154800)

Engage Meeting - Scheduled Engage Meetings cannot be started after a Call report has been saved. When re-opened, the Call report displays the camera icon, indicating a meeting is not scheduled. If the user selects this icon a new meeting is scheduled, overwriting the existing meeting. (CRM-152235)

AccountPlan MyInsights - Reports accessed from the Account Plan entry point may not work.  Reports that use the getDataForCurrentObject() function to reference data in HTML_Report__vod_c from the Account Plan entry point are not able to access this data. (CRM-154493)

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