MCCP iPad Homepage Widget (Gauge)

We are working with multichannel Cycle Plan and it would be very important to have an iPad homepage widget like the Classic Cycle Plan Gauge or something Similar for the user to easily track his performance towards the MC cycle plan.

And Also it would be great if the first line manager have access to his team MCCP iPad home page widget and he can toggle all the users reporting to him by hierarchy.

That's all.

Thank You,

khaled Fawzi

Biopharma IT Support




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    Michael Goulart

    Hi Khaled,

    Thanks for reaching out with this suggestion.  The user can navigate to their "Plans" tab on iPad to see the "Status" tab, which is essentially their Territory level summary.  From there, they can filter, make lists and analyze their progress.

    That said, it makes sense that there should be a home page widget to show some of this data, and provide navigation to the full tab, similar to the classic Cycle Plan widget (as you referenced).  We will track this as a future enhancement for MCCP.  No timeline yet.

    In regards to the first line manage having access to the MCCP home page widget, we think that also makes sense.  Its a question of how to bring and store all of that data on the iPad, as well as display it and allow for filtering, without affecting performance.  How frequently do you think a manager would check this widget and filter on different users?  I would think perhaps monthly but it would depend on the length of the cycles.  Let me know your thoughts.



    MC CRM Product Manager

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    Ernst Humawid

    Hi Mike,

    for MCCP home page widget, my suggestion is to create a VF page which will be available online to managers. That will give big a help to the managers who track their team's progress weekly or monthly. With this, no need to download the data in the manager's iPad.



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    Michael Goulart

    Hi Ernst,

    Thank you very much for your suggestion.  We will certainly think through all of the options to best meet the needs.



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