Territory add and drop report in Veeva/Salesforce

Hi Veeva Team, is there a report in Veeva (or OOTB Salesforce) to know which Territory Add and Drops has happened to individual User and Entire Salesforce as well?

The question is rasied keeping a CRM Administrator perspective who wants to see Territory Adds and Drops happening in Veeva CRM.

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    Sean X


    For individual user, there is a widget on the home page of CRM iPad:
    Territory Adds & Drops – displays the accounts added or removed from the user’s local database within a configurable time frame. The number of days to keep change history is defined by the MSG_HOME_TERR_DELTA_NUM_DAYS_vod Veeva setting. The default value is 7 Records that fall outside the configured range that are purged at the conclusion of a sync session. Green is an add. Red is a dropped. Gray is the activity before the last sync.

    FYI, https://crmhelp.veeva.com/doc/Content/CRM_topics/Mobile_Device_Setup/HomePageConfiguration.htm

    As for the entire org, we can get the user territory from the User report, However, we can not get old territory and new territory information in the report. This is confirmed by SFDC.

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