Increase Space for Product Logos on Signature Screen

With Sunrise, this space is considerably smaller which is an issue for products that require black box warnings. The image is very small, and text illegible, taking away a key selling tool for the field.

It appears that there is far too much white space on the signature screen to begin with. Please consider reverting the size of the product image to what it was pre-Sunrise, or allowing this space to be custom based on the image size uploaded. Thanks!


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    Rajinder Kaur Official comment

    Hi Sammy,

    Thanks for this suggestion. I will bring this feedback to our UX team so they can consider it as we continue to improve the Veeva CRM user experience.

    Thank You


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    Barry Smith

    I agree with this 100% as our brand is very important and we have also had complaints from our field team.  

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    Sammy Wachholz


    Is there any update on the progress of this?


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    Dariusz Chmielewski

    Is there any update on this?

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