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My Schedule Event Colors customization

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Sherin Varghese

    Hi Lukas,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Could you elaborate a little more when you say "an option for customizing a list of colors for events"? There is an option today to customize colors of calls on My Schedule. Is this suggestion to expand this same functionality to other event types?


    - Sherin

  • Lukas Nano

    hi Sherin,

    let me try to clarify a bit. We would like to have an option of customizing colors of all call and event types. It would be good if this can be set globally for all users. This means that we need to be able to change the default colors for all event types.

    Many thanks

    Br Lukas

    My Schedule event colors customization example:

    • Planned Call – Bright Teal -> Grey
    • Saved Call – Dark Teal -> Green
    • Submitted Call – Green -> Blue
    • Unsubmitted Call (in the past) – Red background
    • Time off Territory – Dark Grey -> Brownish red ...
  • Michael Tan



    This feedback is something that I get from the field team as well. The Planned calls (Teal) and Saved calls (Dark Teal) are too similar.

    When they are out in the field, it is very difficult to differentiate from each other and this minor change causes a lot of inconvenience.

  • Eden Kiflay

    Hi we received the same feedback from our salesforce; the colors of planned and saved calls are looking similar, hard to distinguish for them. So either we can have the possibility to define/customize the colors ourselves or the colors of the call status planned and saved will be set more distinguishable

  • Sherin Varghese

    Thanks everyone for the detailed feedback!

    At this time, there isn't a targeted release date to address these concerns, but the feedback has been submitted to our User Experience (UX) team for consideration. 


    - Sherin

  • Marlina Dor

    Hi, we also received same feedback from many countries: New colours of calls in the scheduler are not clear enought to identify the different status (Planned, saved,,) .

    the colors in the previous version were more clear to distinguish betwen the calls .

  • Andrew

    Hi Sherin,

    I totally agree to Lukas's suggestion.

    Unfortunately we have a mangaer who is colour blind (green) and it's seriously affecting his call review process. The other major issue is the colour mismatch between online and WinModern. This change have seriously impaired our IT Helpdesk team to support our reps in the field.

    Can you revert the online colour to match WinModern?



  • Hélène Smidt

    Hi Sherin, 

    I've received this complaint as well from our reps at J&J. They find it hard to find the calls they still need to submit.

    Kind regards, 



  • David East

    Adding to this thread similar feedback from our US operations and field sales teams are finding the submitted, saved and planned colors to be too similar.

  • Tan Mui Qoon

    Yes, we at Abbvie have also received numerous feedback that the color scheme in My Scheduler is not very obvious.

    especially the green with different hues and also TOT which is a transparent Grey. Not easy to see at a glance. 

  • Ivan Ischia

    Request coming from Spimaco

    Another suggestion related to Colour scheme is to differentiate the colour for unsubmitted calls: planned unsubmitted may be considered as "missed" calls, while saved unsubmitted may be considered as "pending submitting". Customer process is that calls are saved only after execution, and at the same time they would like to measure and report the quantity of missed calls. Different grades of red could work in this case. Thank you 

  • Ivan Santos



    I've exactly the same feedback from my reps and managers. The colors were much clearer in the previous versión. Now it's hard to see the difference having a quick look to the calendar.


    Is it posible to go back to the previous key colors in the agenda? It's difficult to understand this like an improvement.




  • Beatriz Gonzalez Martín

    Hi everyone,

    after the launch of Sunrise, I have received complaints from reps about the colours defined for planned, submitted and saved calls.

    would it be possible to reset the code of colours defined before the launch:

    Planned Calls - Grey

    Saved Calls - Green

    Submitted Calls - Blue





  • GAUS Support

    We have also received quite some feedback from UK users who find it hard to distinguish between planned, saved and submitted calls. They all look to be similar variations of green-ish colors and it's causing frustration to our users.


  • Sherin Varghese

    Hi All,

    Thank you to everyone who reached out and took the time to provide feedback on the new event colors that were introduced as a part of the Sunrise update for My Schedule.

    All of the feedback received was funneled back to Veeva's User Experience team, and in response, we have provided an update for our users as a part of the 182.13.0 Maintenance Release. See the Release Notes for My Schedule Colors Enhancement and accompanying video for details on the event color changes that are coming with the 182.13.0 update.

    The 182.13.0 Maintenance Release was announced last Friday (10/19/18) and general details for the release can be found here.

    Thanks again,

    - Sherin



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