Call Report - feature “Add Account” in Attendees session made user confused


When the user touch on Add Account è there are many HCP accounts displayed, user must search and select the HCP.


Old version: all HCPs (of selected Business account) displayed, user just touch on the ratio button to select, no need to Search è It’s easy for user to do Call Report.


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    Rajinder Kaur Official comment

    Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for your post. This was a deliberate improvement that we introduced when we designed Sunrise. In our research leading up to the redesign, we found that users were spending a lot of time scrolling through the suggested list of attendees. There were very many suggested attendees and only a handful of them are selected as attendees on a call. We chose to put the suggested attendees list behind the Add Account button so that end users do not have to scroll through all the suggested attendees every time the Call is opened.

    Thank You


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