Enhancements to the Document Utilization Report in Vault Medcomms

As a global medical content developer, in order to effectively prioritize what content we want to create/update, we wish to look at existing content and ability to filter documents by product and therapeutic area. we also wish to create columns for user country and user role.

Currently we cannot have these as filters / columns on the reports end users can create in the system.

It would be great to have the more additional fields of documents like 'Product', 'Country', etc.

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    Manaphan Huntrakoon Official comment

    We are currently working with our Reporting team to make document metadata available from a report that uses Document Usage as the primary object.   This will allow you to report on document fields that you mentioned such as Product and Country.

    As for the user country and user role, you can do that today.  All you have to do is create a new report type that also includes the User Object.  It will look similar to the following:

    Once you have that report type created, you will be able to bring in user attributes onto a document usage report.

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