Make owner__v a queryable property

Please make owner__v a queryable property that can both be queried in VQL and updated in the API. It's an important property to manage, and not accessing it with the API is crippling.



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    Igor Tsives Official comment

    Hello Raphael,

    Making the document roles queryable (including the owner__v field) is something we're considering for one of our upcoming releases. 

    In terms of updating the roles on the document, that is supported today through our Document Roles API. Please see: https://developer.veevavault.com/api/18.3/#assign-users-amp-groups-to-roles-on-a-single-document


    Thank you,

    Igor Tsives

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    Raphael Goubet

    Thanks for the tip on the API. Along with making the property queryable, it would be helpful to have a relationship with the user objects. This would make it possible to query document by user name.

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