Querying Vault Groups


The VQL queries described here do not appear to work. Executing the examples listed in the documentation yields errors such as:

  • "group__sys is not a queryable object; please refer to api documentation"
  • "group_membership__sys is not a queryable object; please refer to api documentation"
  • "Cannot parse the search phrase [SELECT id, (SELECT group__sysr.name__v, group__sysr.label__v FROM group_membership__sysr WHERE group__sysr.type.sys = 'user_managed__v') FROM user__sys  WHERE status__v = 'active__v']: Unknown token [.] found near position [111] at line [1]"

Since the section "Objects Available for Query" indicates that groups are not available for query, this seems at odds. Could it have been published too early in the documentation?



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    Kevin N Official comment

    Hi Raphaël,

    The "group__sys" and "group_membership__sys" objects are only available to query in 18R2.2+ when using the v18.3 APIs.

    18R2.2 is currently available in limited release Vaults as of August 17th, 2018. If you have access to a limited release Vault, you should be able to test this there with the following API call:

    {{url}}/api/v18.3/query?q=SELECT id,
    (SELECT group__sysr.name__v, group__sysr.label__v FROM group_membership__sysr WHERE group__sysr.type__sys = 'user_managed__v')
    FROM user__sys WHERE status__v = 'active__v'

    The Querying Vault Groups functionality will then be in 18R3 for general release Vaults on November 16th and November 30th.

    As for the documentation, I'll put in a request to get this information added.




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